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New and Improved!

At Dynalloy, we strive for excellence on a daily basis. Periodically that means examining our own procedures to help provide clarity and make the customer experience more accurate, efficient and enjoyable. In this light, we have decided to change our mild steel wire naming convention to include the AWS class for each. This eliminates potential confusion for these similar products. Please help us to adopt the new branding by calling in your order using the new names. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us or download the specification sheet from the DYNAWIRE Hardbanding or Abrasion Resistant sections of our website. Thank you.

Old names:

  • Prolong 750Cu
  • Prolong Standard


New Names:

  • Prolong 70S-2
  • Prolong 70S-3
  • Prolong 70S-6


Christopher L. Leija

VP – Sales & Marketing