The Southwest Techcenter for Hardbanding Solutions

Dynalloy Industries, Inc. serves as the Southwest Tech Center for Hardbanding Solutions, servicing Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. Dynalloy offers technical support for, and distribution of, the rebuildable, non-cracking Tuffband© NC and Duraband© NC, the industry’s leading casing friendly products, out of their Houston, TX facility. Eliminate the need to remove existing hardbanding on tool joints and get the pipe back in the hole faster.

Hardbanding Solutions has now developed Ultraband™ NM, which is applicable for non-mag applications, providing a non-cracking, non-magnetic solution and up to a 400% longer wear life than stainless steel wires. This brand new product will also be stocked locally. It is optimized for improved wear resistance in oil and gas industry applications such as non–magnetic drill collars, stabilizers and MWD/LWD drilling tools and related components. Whether your needs are for casing friendly, open hole, or non-mag, Dynalloy Industries can provide a hardbanding solution for you.


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