Dynalloy industries Inc. is proud to introduce our new patent-pending “Piranha” downhole milling insert. Quite literally, it’s the leading edge in cutting technology. It’s simple geometry belies the decades of experience that have come together for its development. Designed specifically for use in obstruction removal systems, both the grade of Tungsten Carbide and geometry have been engineered to increase rates of penetration and increase the efficiency of material removal from the well bore.


Our premium grade of tungsten carbide has been formulated for long lasting cutting efficiency, and high-temperature wear and corrosion resistance. The Piranha’s extended wear life minimizes the number of trips required for a milling operation and therefore saves valuable rig time and operation costs.

The Piranha’s fluted cube geometry is designed to provide multiple cutting facets regardless of the application position. As the Piranha wears, a new cutting facet and flute is presented, each flute providing a new chip breaking function. As an obstacle is being milled, the material is turned back against itself until it breaks, thus producing cuttings that are small and can be efficiently removed from the well bore.

The Piranha is field tested and prepared to handle the toughest applications. The Piranha can be installed in wells flooded with mud, saltwater-based coolant, air or foam. Common applications include, Packer Mills, CBP Mills, Thru-Tubing Tools, Junk Mills, Watermelon Mills, String Mills, & Reamers


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